Hello there!
Welcome to Emirates Crew Entrance test. To be a part of something special, you must have what it takes, right?
But don't worry, this is a simple test comprised of 10 multiple choice questions which outlines questions from GK about Emirates Airlines, IFR flight operations, Metrology, Airmanship, Navigation. Each question carries 10 marks, and a total of 70% is required to pass.
Important :
Integrity and self-descipline are some of the qualities which we expect our pilots to have. Enforcing the same, cheating will be strictly prohibited in this entrance exam. The System will automatically mark you as 'Fail' if you attempt to leave the page, or even switch the tab in your browser. The questions must be answered within the given time frame (5 minutes), if not, the system will consider whatever answers you have marked and if luck permits, you shall pass else you shall wait for the cooling period to get over (12 hours). Best of luck, See you on the other side!